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Council of Catholic Patriarchs and Bishops in Egypt

Based on the recommendations of the Second Vatican Ecumenical Council (in documents related to the Eastern churches and mission of bishops), the patriarchs and bishops of the Catholic Church in Egypt began to organize periodic meetings, and drafted an internal regulation, adopted by the Holy See in 1982.

When the set of laws of the Eastern Churches was issued, it became enforceable in the first October 1990, The Council of Patriarchs and Bishops made some amendments to the internal regulation and the new one was adopted by (Pope John Paul II) in October 3, 1992 (No. 7877/92).

Composition of the Council

President of the Council: the patriarch of the Coptic Catholic

Vice President: Patriarch of the Melkite Greek Catholics

Secretary: a priest appointed by the Council


  • All Catholic bishops in Egypt
  • Representative of The Holy See
  • Organizers and Patriarchal Assistants, even if they are not Bishops
  • President of the Federation of Catholic heads of religious orders of men in Egypt
  • President of the Federation of Catholic Women heads of religious orders in Egypt

Episcopal commissions of the Assembly

(every Commission is headed by a Bishop)

  • Episcopal Commission for the family
  • Episcopal Commission for the Doctrine of the Faith and Christian education and it includes the Bible
  • Episcopal Commission for Youth
  • Episcopal Commission for the Secularists
  • Episcopal Commission for the Ecumenism
  • Episcopal Commission for the work of ecumenical and inter-religious dialogue
  • Episcopal Commission for the means of Communication
  • Episcopal Commission for Justice and Peace
  • Episcopal Commission the Religious Vocations
  • Representative of the Council for Health Services
  • Representative of the Council for Culture and Tourism
  • Council representative in Caritas-Egypt and Catholic schools