GOSPEL MT 14:1-12

Herod the tetrarch heard of the reputation of Jesus and said to his servants, “This man is John the ...

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Salam Sat Radio

Salam Sat is a non-profitable integrated media portal, with no political or commercial dimensions. It stems from being religious and Christian and extends its horizons to adapt the general culture, in a moderate conservative frame through a mild language and dialogue. This is achieved by introducing the purposeful religious, social, service and entertaining discourse.

Salam Sat is Egyptian

  • It is rooted and originated in the inveterate Egyptian civilization and culture Through its media discourse.
  • it addresses in particular the Egyptian society and the Arab society in general, and extends bridges of communication with everyone.

Salam Sat is Christian

  • It preaches the Gospel's values and principles.
  • It increases the religious awareness among the church members.
  • It develops the vision of faith for the events and history.
  • It promotes the message of peace and love.

Salam Sat is Catholic

  • It is inclusive and open in its pursuit of building bridges of unity and solidarity with everyone.
  • It achieves the correlation between the Catholic churches and supports the religious and cultural awareness of the Catholic identity.
  • It introduces the news of the Church, both globally and locally.
  • It promotes the teachings of the Second Vatican Council and the Christian Doctrine of the Catholic Church.

Salam Sat is Up-to-date

  • It is up to date through the effective presence of the teachings and faith of the Church in today's world.
  • It addresses the spectrums of society, according to the rank and world of each of them.